Tell me about Lip Plumpers


Plump lips are a trend that is definitely on the rise. Women use a variety of techniques to achieve that Angelina Jolie-esque look whether it be a generous use of lip liner or lip plumping formulas. However, these formulas target different means to result in the desired full lip. But how much do we know about these products? Are they safe? And how do they work? In this post we will break down the different types of lip plumper products on the market.

Because the skin of lips is sensitive, some lip plumpers work by lightly irritating it. Ingredients such as cinnamon, caffeine, and wintergreen are common in swelling the lips. These products are accompanied with soothing agents to counter the stinging sensation of the lip plumping ingredient. Using these products are deemed safe as long as they are used occasionally. Overusing the products can cause lips to peel or ulcers to develop.


The more permanent plumpers use palmitoyl oligopeptides which signal the lips to produce more collagen and elastin fibers. Facial wrinkles are due to the collagen and elastin fibers breaking down which negatively effects the firmness of the skin. This also happens in your lips which is why revamping the collagen and elastin fibers result in plumper lips. Temporary lip fillers and injections insert collagen and fat into the lips for this reason.

For a mild approach, one may opt for products that use the vasodilation effect. These plumpers widen the blood vessels by relaxing and expanding the vessel walls. Essentially, this increases the blood circulation in the lips making them appear thicker.

The idea of stimulating your lips with spices or inducing the production of collagen seems really harmful. However, cosmetic chemist, Nick Morante, argues that “There are many other things that people use on or around their lips that can cause much more irritation and discomfort,” explains Morante, “even eating and drinking! The levels of the ingredients in question are low and considered safe when used at these concentrations.” So achieving those plump full lips is actually really easy and surprisingly safe!





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