Don’t Fear the Label

Reading the label of cosmetic products is daunting … but it shouldn’t be.

This is where I come in to help explain the different mechanisms and composition of the ingredients. Yes, most of the words look like they come out of books written in another language but do not let this discourage you from exercising your right to know what is being smeared, massaged, and brushed onto your skin. Given that the average woman uses 9-15 different products daily and that each product roughly contains 15-50 ingredients (that’s over 500 chemicals being absorbed by your skin), knowing the different types of products and their compositions is incredibly important in making smart decisions on what you are purchasing.

Obviously, picking up a product, reading the label, and knowing exactly the structure, function and purpose of each chemical listed is ideal. However, this is certainly infeasible given numerous factors. Therefore, this blog will be focused on giving a general look into common cosmetic products and a deep understanding of the core ingredients that make up most products.

You should feel power over the label, not the other way around so join me on my exploration of cosmetic products under the microscope.


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